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I need help with this. I'm passing two variable through a html link as shown below :

//loop through the array
foreach ($precost1 as $value): ?>
<ul><li><a name="farmname" href="<?php echo base_url().'uploads/farms/'.$farm;'/'.$value->farmcycle;?>"><?php echo $value->cyclename;?></a></li></ul>
<?php endforeach; ?>

But the link is not working as expected, it ignores the second variable $value->farmcycle any help with the right syntax please?

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The semicolon closes the line, try using . instead.

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semicolon ends php statement, use .(dot) as concat operator

foreach ($precost1 as $value) {
  echo '<ul><li><a name="farmname" href="'.base_url().'uploads/farms/'.$farm.'/'.$value->farmcycle.'">'.$value->cyclename.'</a></li></ul>';    
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After $farm you had a ; and forgot to concatentate .

<ul><li><a name="farmname" href="<?php echo base_url().'uploads/farms/'.$farm .'/'.$value->farmcycle;?>"><?php echo $value->cyclename;?></a></li></ul>
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Try this

//loop through a list of farmnames and create link for each listed farmname
foreach ($precost1 as $value): ?>
    <ul><li><a name="farmname" href="<?php echo base_url().'uploads/farms/'.$farm.'/'.$value->farmcycle;?>"><?php echo $value->cyclename;?></a></li></ul>

<?php endforeach?>
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Also, are you sure you want to be creating a <ul> tag for each new item?

Try putting this outside of the foreach, so you are just creating a <li> for each item.

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