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I need to write a bash function to return the EPOCH time for a custom date, in the future.

I use date and time in the formats;

date=20130122 # i.e. 2013 01 22
time=1455     # i.e. 14:55

Can I get the EPOCH time with these values?

Does anyone know a solution?

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date -d "$date $time" +%s

Would work in GNU date.

For BSD date (included with Mac OS X), the command would be

date -j -f "%Y%m%d %H%M" "$date $time" +%s

(-f is needed to parse your date and time as given; the default format would require "012214552013" to specify the same time)

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Thanks this is exactly what I was after. –  lukegjpotter Jan 22 '13 at 15:02

Short answer:

date --date "20130122 1455" +%s

This will give you the date in epoch.

Or if you use variables, just replace the date and time like this:

date --date "$d $t" +%s

And try to avoid using "date" and "time" as variable names, since they easily could be misunderstood as commands (they are both valid commands). This to increase readability.

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Thanks this is exactly what I was after, but the other guy has the variables. –  lukegjpotter Jan 22 '13 at 15:02
Yea, I've updated the answer a couple of times. First version was just quick'n'dirty to get you on the right track. :) –  Eigir Jan 22 '13 at 15:04

Stumbled upon this one. In BASH 3.2 I get an 'invalid date' error. Should be:

date -d "2013-01-22 14:55" +%s
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