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Why is this php function not working? It does work when not using $element. With $element it always returns test.

function setVar($element)
    $varname = $_POST['$element']; 
    else {
    $varname = 'test';
    return $varname;

 $var = setVar('element_6');
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shorter version return isset($_POST[$element])?$_POST[$element]:'test'; – Peter Jan 22 '13 at 14:54
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You probably mean:

... $_POST[$element] ...

without the quotes? Single-quoted content never gets replaced.

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Thank you, working now. – Bas Goorden Jan 22 '13 at 14:54

Change $_POST['$element'] in your code to $_POST[$element] and it should work fine.. $_POST['$element']) refers to nothing right now.

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You'll need to change $_POST['$element'] to $_POST[$element]. Anything between single quotes is treated literally.


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You're referencing $_POST['$element']. Note that the single quotes around $element here turn it into a static string.

Solution: Remove the quote marks, and it will parse the $element properly.

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