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I have created an AsyncTask and I have to create an while(true) on my AsyncTask.

How can I execute such an unbounded loop upon handling a button click in my Activity class without blocking?

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doInBackground() is the thread method, so do it there. Though, AsyncTask really isn't intended to be used in this way so using a standard Java thread would probably be better or restructuring the logic so you don't use infinite loops. Especially since you absolutely need a way to kill the thread if the user quits the app. –  DeeV Jan 22 '13 at 15:08
Please obmit the java android prefix. Everybody knows that android is commonly programmed in java and the relation to android is visible on your tags. And remember to accept helpful answers. You accepted none on your 5 questions. –  rekire Jan 23 '13 at 12:52

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How others said a infinit loop without a break condition isn't a nice user experience. First get a instance for your AsyncTask:

 PostTask pt = new PostTask(this);

Try this in your doInBackground():

    // doyourjobhere


If the app is getting closed by the user the AsyncTask have to be stopped in your onPause().

public void onPause(){

TheAsyncTask.cancel(boolean) sets isCancelled() to true, calls the AsyncTask.onCanceled() method instead of onPostExecute() and can be overwritten for your own purpose.

If you don't like this put your task in a Service.

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As said by the others, you should put your 'infinite loop' inside the doInBackground() method of AsyncTask. However, this loop is not so infinite, because it must end when you exist the activity, or the application. I suggest changing your while (true) { } to while (! mustStop) { } and set the boolean mustStop as an instance variable of your activity. So you'll be able to cleanly stop the process by setting mustStop=true (it would be a good idea to set this in the onPause method).

So this will be :

public class AsyncBigCalculActivity extends Activity {

private boolean mustStop = false;

public void onPause() {
    mustStop=true; // Stop the infinite loop


 protected String doInBackground(String... params) {
    while (!mustStop) {
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you can put the loop within the doInBackground() method of the AsyncTask. As a suggestion, you can add the AsyncTask as an inner class within your Activity.That way you can easily access the variables declared in your activity. Although the android documentation suggests to use AsyncTask only for short tasks. Its more advisable to create a runnable object and put your while loop within the run() method and execute it using ExecutorService, which allows you to run asynchronous code in android in a thread-safe manner.



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