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I am investigating memory leak in some JVM bsaed code (groovy running in a Java env).

I have a simple Java test class that I am using to investigate various behaviours around Groovy class loading, and I am running the following code (from plain Java):

GroovyClassLoader localGroovyClassLoader = new GroovyClassLoader();
Class clazz = localGroovyClassLoader.loadClass("com.test.Example", true, false, true);

Where Example is just a simple Groovy class (doesn't do anything particular as its just my dummy case).

Now, if immediately after the above code I log the following:


It logs a 0 - despite that I can verify that my loaded class is all good (clazz outputs that it is in fact Example).

The reason I want to use the getLoadedClasses() method is because I am dynamically reloading groovy on the fly, so when reloading I want to also clear the meta registry (as detailed here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/10484023/258813 ) - so was planning on using the following code:

for (Class c : localGroovyClassLoader.getLoadedClasses()){

But obviously, if getLoadedClasses() returns 0 despite having just loaded a class I will not be able to run the above code.


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Do you have the com.test.Example compiled class in the parent classloader? If so the GCL won't have to load the class itself, it'll just delegate to its parent loader. –  Ian Roberts Jan 22 '13 at 15:18
@IanRoberts is right. See github.com/groovy/groovy-core/blob/master/src/main/groovy/lang/… –  tim_yates Jan 22 '13 at 15:25
@IanRoberts Yep, you are right.. a link to the compiled groovy class was on my classpath so getting loaded up at launch. If you want to add that as a formal answer I can mark it correct? –  rhinds Jan 22 '13 at 16:46
@rhinds I've added an answer. –  Ian Roberts Jan 22 '13 at 17:42

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Do you have the com.test.Example compiled class in the parent classloader? Calling getLoadedClasses only gives you the classes that this GCL loaded directly itself. If it was able to find a particular class by delegating to its parent loader then it doesn't need to load the class itself, and the class won't be included in getLoadedClasses.

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