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I have a font class which loads a png file and an xml file which specifies where the glyphs are placed on the bitmap. The font load function kicks off 2 loaders, one for the png and one for the xml. When they're both complete, an initialization function runs. Strangely, everything works fine when I run the app from Flash Builder and it works fine in IE, but when I use chrome, and am not running through Flash Builder, AND the content has been loaded once before (clearing browser cache fixes the issue) then the following line hangs:

public function bitmapLoadComplete(evt:Event):void
    mObject = LoaderInfo(;  // <--- hangs here

mObject is declared as follows:

public var mObject:*;

itemLoaded decrements a counter (which is initialized to 2) and if it's zero, then it figures both assets have loaded and runs the init function.

Any ideas?

The assets are located here:

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A Loader can also fire an IO_Error event, make sure it does not get fired. Listen to it, and in case this went wrong, either restart, parse and display, or replace assets with something else. – Vesper Jan 22 '13 at 16:00
Ugh, my bad, looks like I forgot to pass in a LoaderContext(true) which seems to be triggering a security sandbox violation. Disabling the Chrome built-in flash player made a nice dialog pop up. – Charlie Skilbeck Jan 22 '13 at 16:04

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I failed to pass a LoaderContext with checkPolicyFile set to true to the load() method of the Loader object. This was causing a security sandbox violation which the Chrome embedded Flash player wasn't notifying me about. Disabling the built in player and using the debug plugin caused a dialog to pop which showed me what was going on. All good lessons learnt. What is strange is that:

1) Clearing the browser cache allowed the content to be loaded one time in Chrome
2) It always worked in IE
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