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My build.xml has...

<property name="cvs.directory" value="MyProj/build" />

<target name="CVS.Commit" depends="login">
  <echo>Commiting EAR file to CVS....</echo>
  <cvs command="commit abc.ear" cvsRoot="${cvs.directory}" quiet="true" failonerror="false"/>

I get below error.

[echo] Commiting EAR file to CVS....
  [cvs] cvs commit: CVSROOT "MyProj/build" must be an absolute pathname
  [cvs] cvs [commit aborted]: Bad CVSROOT.

MyProj - is inside HEAD in cvs and it has a 'build' directory already with old version abc.ear

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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1 Answer

Change the CVS directory property as follows:

<property name="cvs.directory" location="MyProj/build" />

This will ensure the directory name is absolute

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