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I have a model created with that contains a field named "startDate" which is a Date instance. I would like to override the getStartDate in order to return a copy of the Date and not the same Date instance in the model.

I've seen but I only found "Take a look at the API-Documentation of the to see the available methods and how to implement them.". The IStoreDelegate info is not complete and I don't know how to use it (

var delegate = {
    getModelMixins : function(properties) {


var marshaler = new;
var model = marshaler.toModel(data);
// the problem with weeks is that someone changes the dates
// we must make the getFromDay to return a copy of the data

How might I do it?

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I've created a delegate with the mixin in return.

// notice the _ variables
     label: "week: " + weeksNum + ' [' + startDayString + '-' + endDayString + '['
    ,_fromDay: week.startDay
    ,_toDay: week.endDay
var delegate = {
    getModelMixins : function(properties) {
        return myapp.models.marshalMixins.Week;
var marshaler = new;
var model = marshaler.toModel(weeksRaw);

The mixin:

qx.Mixin.define('production.models.marshalMixins.Week', {
    members: {
        getFromDay: function(){
            return new Date(this.get_fromDay());
        ,getToDay: function(){
            return new Date(this.get_toDay());

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