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I have a qq, when I try to add a plugin to Cordova, I all the time had 1 small annoying issue and I am not sure how can I fix it.

so: PDFViewer plugin

I follow all instructions, as well updating the config.xml file,

EX: <plugin name="PDFViewerCommand" value="PDFViewerCommand" />

but the issues is when I try to split plugin by folder in "Plugins" folder.

I mean if I extract all "name.h, name.m" in the root of the plugin folder , it works fine.

But because I can have more then 1 plugin, it will a bi a big mess. SO I want to split plugins by folders:


  • Plugins -- > PdfViewEr
  • Plugins -- > ChildBrowser
  • Plugins -- > New Plugin

I know it should be something related with mapping or somewhere I can declare the folder name.

Can someone help me with?

Thanks in advice.

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