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I have some documents in Mongo:

{"name" : "John", "age" : 26}
{"name" : "Paul", "age" : 34}
{"name" : "George", "age" : 36}

and another function that expects documents of the form:

{"name" : "XXX", "value" : YY}

Is it possible to rename the 'age' field to 'value' in a find query in PyMongo?

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I know it's not what has been asked, but why do it in MongoDB-dependent way when you can rename the field after querying MongoDB through simple Python code? You can even preserve iterator semantic my using generator expression: return ({"name": doc["name"], "value": doc["age"]} for doc in collection.find()}) – Michael Korbakov Jan 22 '13 at 17:36
@MichaelKorbakov I would suggest the reason is for speed. Mongo is likely going to be faster at renaming fields in the data – Brendan Maguire Sep 19 '14 at 10:04

I'd use the aggregate method with $project operator.

From mongodb web docs.

You may also use $project to rename fields. Consider the following example:

 { $project : {
     title : 1 ,
     page_views : "$pageViews" ,
     bar : "$"
 }} );`


db.mycol.aggregate({ $project : { name:1, value:"$age" }});


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find(), also has the projection method, but I found it doesn't support rename – luc Apr 15 at 6:15

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