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i'm working on a little d3.js asignment for school.. I looked at some examples to load a XML file, but I can't figure it out what i'm doing wrong.. The XML file is loading correct.. I'm just figuring out JS so please not to technical ;p..

this is the code:

d3.xml("data.xml", "application/xml", function(xml) {

    var data ="path");

    console.log("data uit de xml=  " + data);



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The use of may not be what you want, as that tries to 'connect' to data already in the Document Object Model (DOM). Perhaps just use "console.log(xml)" as a starting point. – cmonkey Jan 22 '13 at 20:22
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Assuming that you have path elements in your XML, you would select them like this:

var data = xml.path;

The XML data is returned as a JavaScript object. It might be easiest to log the entire object and look at it in the debugger/JavaScript console of the browser of your choice.

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