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I am a new Android developer.

In iOS, there is a class called UINavigationController by which I can push a new viewController to stack and go back to the previous view by pushing the "back" button.

[self pushViewController: myViewController animated:YES]

As far as I know, the instance of UINavigationController has a property to hold the controllers. Therefore, all the attributes in each of the controllers are saved as well in the stack.

I am wondering if the Android can do something similar. Now I have two fragments to simulate the split view as iOS. I subclass ListFragment to represent the `lsit view* in the left side and the other fragment to represent the item detail in the right side.

When user taps one of the items in the list view it will go to another list.

        SecondFragment newFragment = new SecondFragment();

        FragmentTransaction transaction = getSupportFragmentManager()

        transaction.replace(, newFragment);
        getActionBar().setTitle("new items");



However, I want to go back to the previous view by clicking the back button. I realize that I should add the code as follow:


However, my application exits after I tap the back button.

If I want to go back, I have to make another Fragment transaction. The problem is, I want to save the content as item list in the ListFragment other than saving it to the MainActivity. It is much easier for me to retrieve the previous list view content from stack.

Is there any way in Android can do something similar in iOS as UINavigationController?

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