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This is related to my question posted here:

How to make dialog elments collapsible?

Another developer has added two groups to the dialog that is displayed when creating a payment proposal (CustVendPaymJournal_Vend Class) and the "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons are no longer displayed on smaller resolutions (1024x768).

To overcome this I am trying to group some dialog elements in DialogTabPage tabs. However I haven't had any success in my attempts.

This is what I have in the first couple lines of code in the dialog() method for CustVendCreatePaymJournal_Vend

public Object dialog()
    LedgerJournalType   ledgerJournalType;
    DialogTabPage       tab;
    tab = dialog.addTabPage("First tab");

I keep on receiving this error anywhere I try to add a tab in the dialog. I have tried to put it on CustVendPaymJournal (from which CustVendPaymJournal_Vend is inherited) also, but to no avail.

DialogTabPage object does not have method 'frameType'.
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dialog = super();
tab = dialog.addTabPage("First tab");
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Thank you for answering @JanBKjeldsen, but I'm affraid it did not make any difference. –  ackzell Jan 24 '13 at 16:08

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