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I am totally new to regex's and as such am failing. I have about 14000 lines that reference a function which needs to be commented out. Not a problem. Im just tired of seeing the same lines in my find results that have already been taken care of... basically I am trying this:


which is still returning all commented out results...

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You want a zero-width negative lookbehind, so something like this should do (?<!')Green.Foo* Take a look at this page under Grouping Constructs.

I'm assuming your code is in VB of course.

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I did actually look over that and that is where I started at.. Im getting 0 matching lines and if I search without regex just Green.Foo it returns 13944 lines in 356 files. But the results include the 'Green.Foo lines – Skindeep2366 Jan 22 '13 at 17:23

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