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I'm trying to populate dropdown in the aspx page using the datasource returned by a WCF service.

  1. call from aspx through javascript:

    function Initialize() {
        NameSpace.WCFClass.UserInfo(OnSuccess, OnFailure)
    function OnSuccess(result) {
        var varResult = result;
    function OnFailure(result) {
        var varResult = result;
  2. WCF Code(svc.cs file)

    public Array UserInfo()
        List<MyClass> lstUser = List<MyClass>();
        // after reading the values
        return lstUser.ToArray();

    It returns an array with values--works fine

  3. Next thing is, it throws exception: OnFailure in the javascript: "The server method 'UserInfo' failed."

Thanks in advance

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I would use Fiddler or the IE Web Developer Helper to determine what results are being recieved from the server.

Can you update the question with the results after you've determined what's being returned to the web browser?

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