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so apparently on the latest (unstable) version of mongo they implemented the following:


I am trying to get it to work on PHP but it doesn't work. I am using:

    $newData = array(
        '$push' => array(
            "$array" => $obj,
            '$size' => 10
    $collection->update(array("_id" => new MongoId("$IDIn")), $newData);

Now, it obviously is not working. I think the reason is either one of these two:

  1. The PHP driver (1.3.2) does not yet support this functionality, although I doubt it since it is simply using a function that is defined on the server
  2. The command is not $size: $integer - but if that is the case, I cannot find a description of it anywhere.

Anyone already had this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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You can see examples of using this funcitonality here, from the JIRA: https://github.com/mongodb/mongo/commit/b3687e73545f6d0d04f1992119308e7ab80d44e1

This one is of particular interest:

t.update( {_id:1}, { $push: { x: { $each: [ {a:3} ], $slice:-5, $sort: {a:1} } } } )

further down that page they have documented the code, i.e.:

// If we're in the "push all" case with slice, we have to decide how much of each
// of the existing and parameter arrays to copy to the final object.

You can find these sorts of nuggets at the bottom of the JIRAs where you see something similar to:

auto added a comment - Jan 03 2013 05:26:11 PM UTC Author:{u'date': u'2013-01-03T17:19:13Z', u'name': u'Alberto Lerner', u'email': u'alerner@10gen.com'} Message: SERVER-991 SERVER-8008 Replaced $trimTo by $slice (but only accepting negative slices for now). Branch: master https://github.com/mongodb/mongo/commit/b3687e73545f6d0d04f1992119308e7ab80d44e1

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