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I want to do something like this (Source - CSS Tricks Article):

#veinte { color/*\**/: blue\9; }

in Less for IE7 and IE8 but it gives errors.

The below works:

#diecinueve { color: blue\9; } 

but there are some elements that I dont want to be called in IE9. e.g. I have something in IE9 with :before elements but because IE8 doesnt support it, I want to give it a padding only in IE8.

But this

#veinte { color/*\**/: blue\9; }

gives errors in Less. I tried this

#veinte { color~"/*\**/": blue\9; }

but that also doesnt work. Does anyone know how to do this in Less?

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Do the CSS hacks provide what you need? Or is it just that the LESS compiler gives you errors? – KatieK Jan 22 '13 at 18:49
To my knowledge, it cannot be done in LESS. The compiler does not allow either the * or the ` or /` in the property name. It also does not, to my knowledge, have a way of escaping an entire string that includes the property name itself. – ScottS Jan 22 '13 at 19:15
Don't think you would still be looking for an answer to this one mate but judging by the no. of views this question has got I felt an updated answer would be helpful, so added one. – Harry Oct 3 '14 at 16:27

Are you including Modernizr or another shiv script that adds classes directly to the HTML element?

Thus something like this:

.selector {  

  .lte8 & {  
    ... < IE9 styles ...  

Might suit your needs. (see: nesting selectors, using the &)

Otherwise, since you're being hacky anyway, why not just reference a different .less compiled output sheet in a conditional comment?

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Property name interpolation is possible with Less v1.6.0 and above. Hence this hack can be implemented as shown below:

@hack: ~"/*\**/";
#veinte { 
    color@{hack}: blue\9; 

Compiled CSS:

#veinte {
    color/*\**/: blue\9;
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