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I am populating a sytem tray icon menu (QMenu) from entries in an xml file which is read when my application starts up.

I am unsure of how to properly set up the SLOT end of the action:

QList<CMenuItem> menuItems = m_layout->getMenuItems();   
QListIterator<CMenuItem> iter(menuItems);
while (iter.hasNext())
    CMenuItem menuItem =;    
    QAction *action = new QAction(menuItem.qsTitle, this);
    connect(action, SIGNAL(triggered()), this, SLOT(launchMenuItem()));

How does my "launchMenuItem()" SLOT know which menu item was triggered? I can't make a SLOT for each menu item as I don't know how many items will exist until run time.

I can think of some ugly ways to do this, but I am looking for the RIGHT way.

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What I usually do is to use QAction::setData(const QVariant&) to store whatever action ID I need. Then on slot side I retrieve ID with QAction::data() and behave accordingly. Note that QVariant obviously accepts much more than basic int (which is what I use to identify actions), you can pass any QVariant-compatible info.

edit : oh! btw, this is somehow ugly because I make use of QObject::sender() to cast triggered action back. Sorry for that, but it works anyway.

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