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I'm struggling with using Sidekiq alongside the God Gem. I would like to be able to start the sidekiq process manually, using $god start sidekiq, however this fails to start the process. I can only get it to start the sidekiq process if I set w.keepalive (commented out in the below code).

I'm launching God using: $ god -c "./config.god" -D --log-level info, launching god in the foreground which gets me the following output:

I [2013-01-22 17:46:00]  INFO: Started on drbunix:///tmp/god.17165.sock
I [2013-01-22 17:46:00]  INFO: sidekiq move 'unmonitored' to 'up'
I [2013-01-22 17:46:00]  INFO: sidekiq moved 'unmonitored' to 'up'

Using $god start sidekiq I get:

Sending 'start' command

The following watches were affected:

But I get no output from God, nothing is written to sidekiq's log and I can clearly see no sidekiq process has started by using $ ps auxwww | grep sidekiq.

# config.god

PROJECT_ROOT = ENV['PROJECT_ROOT'] || File.dirname(__FILE__) # Dir containing this file

# Sidekiq Process

God.watch do |w|
  w.name = "sidekiq"
  w.group = "conversion"
  w.dir = PROJECT_ROOT
  w.interval = 20.seconds
  w.start_grace = 10.seconds
  w.restart_grace = 10.seconds
  # w.keepalive
  w.start = "bundle exec sidekiq -v -C #{File.join(PROJECT_ROOT, 'config.yml')}"
  w.stop = "bundle exec sidekiqctl stop '/Users/me/.god/pids/sidekiq.pid' 5"

  w.log = File.join(PROJECT_ROOT, 'log/god_sidekiq.log')

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