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I have a wordpress site for a friend that I am updating and I tried using FancyBox for a simple modal dialogue after a user had completed a form but alas this is not working for me in fact the example from the FancyBox website aren't working for me either. The example modal is http://jsfiddle.net/ svsdx/

http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/#examples --> append custom content

A few cavets, I am a n00b web developer comfortable with HTML, CSS and non ajax javascript. I have ho choice but to use the already in place JQuery 1.3.2 and FancyBox 1.2.6 as they are in the site and in use (if I try any other JQuery/Fancybox library the existing site gets messed up and its a boat load of work to get them working again).

I know FancyBox is for galleries and overkill for a simple modal window. I have no choice but to use whats there and from what I can see there are no viable alternatives that will work with JQuery 1.3. Any and all feedback/help appreciated.

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It's like asking for help with your 5.25" floppy disk (it's has been a long time since I saw one of them) ... I would start replacing (not adding) jQuery (at least to version 1.7)... then replacing (not adding) fancybox (both js and css file), at least to v1.3.4 ... then just change the custom script (I will tell you how). It doesn't have to be a boat load of work, just make sure you only have one version of jQuery and fancybox .... if you are planing to play the developer role, you either venture yourself or hire somebody else. –  JFK Jan 22 '13 at 18:38
... and fancybox is not just for galleries, it's a very good option for more complex modal boxes too ;) –  JFK Jan 22 '13 at 18:39

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