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I'm trying to check if my panel is open or closed.

I tried like this:

$(document).on('open', '.ui-panel', function(){

but nothing happens.

How I can set up an event listener for jQ mobile panel?

Open isn't a problem, cause I'll just add .panel('open') to button click and then console.log(), but what with close? Panel will close when I'll click outside, how to catch that moment?

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stackoverflow.com/a/16513358/4277630 that is perfect solution for me!!! 10x Kal –  Kristian Antov Dec 17 at 12:15

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Okay, I found this:


So what I needed was:

$( ".selector" ).on( "panelbeforeclose", function( event, ui ) {} );
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$(document).bind('panelopen', function (e, data) {
        $('body').css("overflow", "hidden");

    $(document).bind('panelclose', function (e, data) {
        $('body').css("overflow", "auto");

Hope it helps.

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it work me fine......thank a lot :))))) –  Swagat Mali Nov 27 at 7:27

What you need is to check if the panel opened or closed using hasClass

if( $(".ui-panel").hasClass("ui-panel-open") == true ){
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For a check now check I used the following code.

function isSideNavVisible() {
    var sidenav = $("#sidenav");
    var sideNavHidden = sidenav.css("visibility") == "hidden" || sidenav.css("overflow-x") == "hidden" || sidenav.css("overflow-y") == "hidden";
    return !sideNavHidden;

If you can I would prefer to bind to the events as shown in the accepted answer.

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I think you may want the pagebeforehide or pagehide event.

See here for jquerymobile event info.

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I use like this:

if ($("#id").find("div").css("visibility") == "hidden") {
} else {
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This will not always work as sometimes "visibillity" is not set to hidden but "overlay" is. –  Marc Aug 8 '13 at 7:40

The CSS JQM applies to the panel explicitly indicates its state. Here's a very simple vanilla JS solution:

1 var document.getElementById("name-of-panel") = my_panel;
2 my_panel.classList.contains("ui-panel-open");

Line 2 returns "true" if it's open, "false" if it's not. It's also a lot easier for the next dev (or yourself in a few months) to figure out what you were doing.

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 function OpenPanel(panel) {
    if ( $( ".ui-page-active" ).jqmData( "panel" ) !== "open" ) {



<div onclick='OpenPanel("#ui-panel1");'>Click Here</div>
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