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How do you generate an Info.plist in Xcode because I am getting the following error when I build my project?

error: could not read data from '../dists/xcode/Info.plist': The file “Info.plist” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.

What should I do?


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Sounds like your Info.plist file is merely lost.

Search through your project to see if there is any file with the name "Info.plist", or has "Info.plist" as part of the name (e.g. "TopNotchCoderProjectInfo.plist").

Once you find it, you can either reset your project settings to use the correct Info.plist file -- the path to this specific file can be entered into the Project settings:

Plist Settings can be entered here

Also, make certain the plist file exists in the list of files and folders in your project (and that it isn't "red", which is Xcode's way of telling you it's missing).

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