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I have two directories with images having identical file names. I would like to take one image from each directory and compile them and flatten. Then repeat as a batch for each filename.

Can I use mogrify in some way? Or do I need to script it?

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You do have to script it, but it doesn’t have to be complicated—it can be a one-line shell script. Suppose you have files fg/001.jpg, fg/002.jpg, …, bg/001.jpg, bg/002.jpg, … and you want to layer them and put the results in out.

Then this one-liner shell script will do what you want:

for F in fg/*; do composite "${F}" bg/"${F#fg/}" out/"${F#fg/}"; done

The shell variable F loops over all files, and the messy "${F#fg/}" bit is just shell magic to strip off the directory prefix.

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Thanks a lot for the quick response on this. Much appreciated. –  Paddy OGee Jan 23 '13 at 17:44

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