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I'm looking for a good web based "download manager" open source application. Mainly a web based interface to some files in a Linux server filesystem. I've looked in sourceforge and google can't find a good one. Maybe I'm searching it with the wrong keywords?

PHP is preferred, but can be written in other programming languages as well.

Some features I'm looking for:

  • Capability of users and groups of users, with login and password;
  • Upload and delete files in filesystem from the web based interface;
  • Set permission in uploaded files or in group of files based in users or group of users;
  • Listing of files;
  • Relatively easy to adapt templates;


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This Q might have a better chance of gettiong good answers at ServerFault, where most server geeks are hanging around. –  Wim ten Brink Sep 18 '09 at 20:27
Alex is right, unless you want to write it yourself. –  Cem Kalyoncu Sep 18 '09 at 20:39
I've thought about it, but since "Easy to adapt templates" is a must in my opinion (involves html/css editing), I thought SO was appropriate. –  GmonC Sep 18 '09 at 20:44

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There's a whole bunch of such scripts on hotscripts.

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Here is what you are looking for, as I need same and I don't want to reinvent wheel.

FATRAT: http://fatrat.dolezel.info/

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I can't find any solutions that could provide what I described. We are going to implement this solution in-house.

Thanks for all your responses. "Reinvent the wheel" is the way to go when all the wheels you got just don't fit in your car.

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