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I'm using CefSharp to host HTML/JS pages in a desktop WPF application. It has a handy feature of auto-generating JavaScript objects from normal .Net CLR objects to act as ViewModels, which is great. I wanted to tie these into Knockout.js for easy binding. So far, so good.

The CefSharp library doesn't support converting properties on the CLR objects, it sees them as their generated get_PropName() and set_PropName() methods instead. After trying a couple other workarounds to get these to work with Knockout.js observables, I wound up with the following basic solution (jsFiddler here):

var data = {
    test4_data: "test4 bound okay!",
    get_test4: function() { return this.test4_data; },
    set_test4: function(value) { this.test4_data = value; }

var propObservable = ko.observable(data["get_test4"]());
Object.defineProperty(data, "test4", { value: propObservable, writable: true });
propObservable.subscribe(function(newValue) { data["set_test4"](newValue); });

In production I'll be looping through the CefSharp JS object properties, pulling those that have matching get_/set_ methods and converting them; they won't be hard-coded.

Since I'm a JS/Knockout newbie, I'm looking for some guidance. Is this a reasonable solution? Is there an alternative I might be missing? Thanks for any advice or assistance!

As an aside, I'd originally tried using ko.mapping.fromJS() along with a custom property created on the CefSharp JS object to map to the methods, but fromJS doesn't seem to support reading properties added via Object.defineProperty().

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Hi I was wondering - did you manage to get this working? I'm looking at a similar usage of cef/knockout... – penderi Jul 5 '13 at 7:44
Hey penderi! Making me get in my way-back machine here. In the end, yes, but sort of. The auto-bindings actually did work in both directions for an object, except for the fact that 1) complicated properties (IE, non-primitive types) were difficult to convert as they weren't auto-converted like other properties on the object were by CEF. 2) collections similarly were very difficult to handle. In the end I wound up abandoning the technique for these reasons. It's a shame, because I'd love to use a nice HTML/CSS front-end for a desktop app but also have access to modern databinding. – Jasper Jul 17 '13 at 13:57
I've been meaning to check out Awesomium to see if it will fill in the gaps left by CefSharp, but I haven't had time quite yet. Maybe it'd meet your needs? – Jasper Jul 17 '13 at 13:58

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