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I have a form contains three buttons print/export/save.

<s:form action="/userAction">
    <s:submit type="image" value="%{'print'}" src="/print.png" />
    <s:submit type="image" value="%{'export'}" src="/export.png" />
    <s:submit type="image" value="%{'save'}" src="/save.png" />

How can I map this in struts.xml?

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In the struts.xml the action is mapped via the <action tag

<action name="userAction" class="...

the submit buttons should include method attribute to call corresponding methods of the action

<s:submit type="image" value="%{'print'}" src="/print.png" method="print" />
<s:submit type="image" value="%{'export'}" src="/export.png" method="export" />
<s:submit type="image" value="%{'save'}" src="/save.png" method="save" />
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You can also use action annotations over xml if you prefer. An action class can have it's methods exposed with dynamic method invocation in a couple ways:… I just like to make distinct actions and just use namespace and action attributes of the s:submit button. – Quaternion Jan 22 '13 at 23:32
@Roman C: so I have to write three <action> tags with same name="userAction" and different methods. In that case all the methods return success. how will struts know the response is from save() or export()? – gmeka Jan 22 '13 at 23:33
When you map an action, there is a result. If you use DMI (dynamic method invocation) then the mapping for the action applies (that result will be used) but you use a different method other than execute. If you want a different result per method then the method should be mapped as an action. A single action class can support multiple actions, you just need to define them with xml or annotations. – Quaternion Jan 23 '13 at 2:05
@javabie If you configure <action tag you can place only one attribute method and only one mapping to that method. The <action configuration allows to have many results. If you want to return different result you should configure them there. You can give different names for results to say "save" or "export". But it's only useful if you return different results to the same action that has results with different types and values. – Roman C Jan 23 '13 at 10:39

In order to use method attribute of the <s:submit> tag DynamicMethodInvocation must be enabled. Another solution is to use action attribute.


<s:form action="save">
    <s:submit type="image" value="%{'print'}" src="/print.png" action="print" />
    <s:submit type="image" value="%{'export'}" src="/export.png" action="export" />
    <s:submit type="image" value="%{'save'}" src="/save.png" />

In struts.xml:

<action name="print" class="...">
<action name="export" class="...">
<action name="save" class="...">
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