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I have tuple like so:

(a: (b:int, c:int, d:int, e:int))

I would like to call a UDF and pass a range of the nested tuple. This is what I would expect the command to be:

FOREACH alias GENERATE myUDF(a.(c .. e));

but this gives me an error like

ERROR org.apache.pig.tools.grunt.Grunt - ERROR 1200: <line 12, column 133>  mismatched input '(' expecting SEMI_COLON

What is the proper way to perform this operation?

Thanks! Uri

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What kind of input does your UDF expect? A tuple, or a series of elements? The input to every UDF is encapsulated in a tuple, so will this tuple have one element (which is itself a tuple), or will it have many elements (3 in your example)? –  reo katoa Jan 22 '13 at 20:50

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You have a couple of options. If your tuple is not too long, it hopefully won't be too cumbersome to use the TOTUPLE built-in UDF and list each member individually:

FOREACH alias GENERATE myUDF(TOTUPLE(a.c, a.d, a.e));

But you are probably asking this question because it will be cumbersome for your application. In that case you could start by FLATTENing the tuple and then doing a range:


I'm not sure exactly what you expect to be passing to the UDF -- a smaller tuple? Or a collection of elements from the original tuple? Depending on what your UDF does, the above TOTUPLEs may be superfluous.

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