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I am looking for a searchable multiple select javascript widget that can handle filtering large amounts of server-side data for a 1-n relationship. For instance I have a category and I want to be able to filter through an unassociated list of products and attach them to the category in a user friendly way. I don't want the unassociated list loaded with the widget - it is too large. It needs to have a remote search.

I found this: multiselect but I had problems with large sets of data.

Anyone have any ideas where I can find something?

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ExtJS would be the right tool to go with, because it has a full-featured and extendible grid widget. However a part of what you want to achieve is related to back-end technologies. If you're in favor of Ruby on Rails, you may consider using the Netzke framework to tie front- and back-end parts of your widget together. An example of 1-n relationship is here:


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