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I referenced the Couchbase assembly using NuGET in my project and it has a dependency on Hammock.dll. What does this assembly do? And is it really needed? In simple unit tests, my application works fine without the Hammock.dll being present. But I don't want any surprises when I move this app to production.

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I would say [couchbase] still needs it, given there is a HammockHttpclient.

To answer the original question:

Hammock is an HTTP API library for .NET that greatly simplifies consuming and wrapping RESTful services.

This can easily be reasearched by going to the CouchbaseNetClient page and under Dependancies clicking Hammock. You can also go to the Couchbase Project and browse through the source to view if/where the library is still being used (as I have linked in the first sentence).

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