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I have jqgrid with columns transaction id, debit, credit and balance. Debit and credits are populated from database and balance is set by calculations from difference of credit - debit. The editing is done in editform. Once, user changes one of the values of debit or credit, I need the balance column to update in the selected row of the grid.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

url: myURL + '?method=GetTranactions', 
postData: { 
    prID: function() { return getProv(); },
    mn: function() { return $("#month option:selected").val(); },
    yr: function() { return $("#year option:selected").val(); }
datatype: 'json', 
mtype: 'POST',
colNames:['Trx ID','Debit','Credit','Balance',],
colModel :[
    {name:'accttrx_id',index:'accttrx_id', width:75, sorttype:"int", editable:true},
            dataEvents: [   
                    type: 'change',
                    fn: function(e) {
                        var db = $(;
                        var cr = $('#credit').val();
                        bal = cr - db;  // got the balance 
                        alert(bal); // how to update balance column for current row?



$myGrid.navGrid('#pager', {
edit:true,edittitle:"Edit Transation",
add:true,addtitle:"Add Transaction",
del:true,deltitle:"Delete Transaction"
    function(form) { 
        $('#tr_accttrx_id', form).hide();                           
    ..... update balance after submit?
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For custom calculations in the editForm, like you have described here, I usually put the code in the beforeShowForm function as you have described here. Please use something similar to this:

beforeShowForm: function() {
        $('#balance').val( parseFloat($('#credit').val()) - parseFloat($('#debit').val()) );
reloadAfterSubmit: true,

The jQuery selectors ( $('#balance') for example) uses the name of the jqGrid column as the ID selector. I do this because I know jqGrid makes the column name into the input element ID in the edit form.

Reload After Submit (show updated info in Grid)

In order to see your new balance value show up in the grid, use the reloadAfterSubmit property of the edit form, which I included in the above example. Please verify, you are using form Editing or In-Line editing? If you are using form editing, then the code in my answer should work, if should be used with the editGridRow method. See here:

Little Problem with parseFloat and money

While the above code should work for the most part, please not that the parseFloat command should not be used to do calculations with money. I have run into rounding issues with this before. Instead you can use the BigDeciaml package.

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Thank you Jeffery, on change code works fine as the trigger, I added alert() to check this but, this line below does not set the value in the grid $('#balance').val( parseFloat($('#credit').val()) - parseFloat($('#debit').val()) ); – user1706426 Jan 22 '13 at 20:46
You must submit the form to save the data, then reload the grid. – jeffery_the_wind Jan 22 '13 at 20:48
The values of debit and credit update once I click submit but, the value of balance does not get updated until I refresh the page. I added balance to the column in my query as a derived value of the difference of credit and debit columns. That helped me with initial load of the grid but not with updates. – user1706426 Jan 22 '13 at 20:54
You can reload the grid after submit, please see my updated answer. – jeffery_the_wind Jan 22 '13 at 20:56
hmmm, dont have enuf reputation, have 13 and need 15 – user1706426 Jan 23 '13 at 21:38

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