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my emails in Thunderbird (V 17.0.2 on Win 8) are sorted by date, the newest mails are on the bottom of the inbox-list.

I want this behavior: As soon as new emails show up in my inbox, the inbox-list shall directly scroll to the newest emails on the bottom of the inbox list. Currently new incoming emails are added to the inbox-list in the correct date-order BUT the list does not auto-scroll to the last (newest) element in this list. I always have to manually scroll down to see the new incoming emails as they are just below my second-newest emails from my previous mail-fetch.

Alternative way to solve my problem and to clarify: After the email-fetch-task has finished, I would need a plugin that automatically presses the END-key on the keyboard (above the cursor keys).

Is it possible to enable this behavior maybe by a special config-flag in "about:config" (edit configuration)?

Thank you a lot!!!


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You know that if you order you mails so that the newest are at the top then Thunderbird will auto-scroll to show new emails? – Jamie Kitson May 29 '15 at 11:11

At this moment the behavior reported is a know bug xref bugzilla #539468 and there is not much to do

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