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I am using a Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer to consume messages from a queue. The messages are then saved to an Oracle database.

When the database goes down, I throw an exception out of the onMessage method and that leaves the message on the queue to be reprocessed. Below you can see that on a DataAccessResourceFailureException and CannotCreateTransactionException exception, I throw the exception out of the method, which puts it back on the queue. The other exceptions do not save the message; they correspond to data problems and such.

public void onMessage(javax.jms.Message mqMessage) {
    ...get the message blah, blah, blah
    try {
        this.theService.doMessage(tmaticMessage, theHandler);
    } catch (DataAccessResourceFailureException e) {
        throw e;
    } catch (CannotCreateTransactionException e) {
        throw e;
    } catch (DataAccessException e) {
    } catch (TmUnusableMessageException e) {
    } catch (Exception e) {

Reading the Spring docs, I discovered that DataAccessResourceFailureException should be thrown "... when a resource fails completely: for example, if we can't connect to a database using JDBC." The problem is that I just did a test where I had the DBA take the database down and got a new exception: CannotCreateTransactionException. So that is one more exception that can be thrown. I am wondering if there are others.

I am using Spring Connections and getHibernateTemplate() to make my calls. Here is the question. How do I know what exceptions can be thrown when a database goes down?

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Maybe the complexity is caused by various way you can 'take a database down'. For example:

  • deleting a table
  • deleting entire database
  • disabling a db user account
  • shutting down the database server

All can be considered as 'taking a database down', but each could cause a different exception being thrown

If you browse through following sections in spring javadoc, there are lists of exceptions that could be thrown:



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