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I have a SDK2 Rally grid of feature level portfolio items. I want to link directly to the list of child user stories. The following used to work:

    columnCfgs: [
                    {dataIndex: 'FormattedID', text:'ID', width: 50,
                        renderer: function(value, style, item, rowIndex) {
                            var link = Rally.util.Navigation.createRallyDetailUrl(item);

                            return Ext.String.format("<a target='_top' href='{1}/userstories'>{0}</a>", value, link);

This would return the following link:


But recently that broke (it worked before), and now the proper link seems to be the following:


See the '#' in the second link?

I would expect that Rally.util.Navigation.createRallyDetailUrl(item) would produce a working link, but no longer seems to. Is this just a new bug, or is there a better way to do this?

I'm using 2.0p5.

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Rally Support has reviewed this issue and it appears to in fact be a Defect. Please File a Case with Rally Support to track and be notified of updates concerning this issue.

Stackoverflow Moderators: please refrain from deleting this post - as it legitimately answers the question being posed here. The asker directly inquires "Is this just a new bug?" This response answers that question.

The asker also inquires: "Is there a better way to do this?" The asker is using the preferred method within the constraints of the SDK, so the answer is no, there is not a better way.

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