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I am running Win 8 Pro 64 Bit on my notebook and I use Putty and have Suspend-to-RAM (standby / Save energy) enabled (Not to be confused with hibernate). So I have an open Putty-session, the notebook goes to standby and when I wake-up the notebook, my Putty-connection is reset so that I have to relogin. Prior to Win 8 I was using Win XP and the TCP/IP-connects usually survived the standby-mode. When I woke-up the notebook with XP, I could continue using my open Putty-session as if nothing had happened.

So obviously the TCP/IP stack resets/drops all connections before the notebook goes to standby on Win8. How can I avoid that? (On Win XP that worked). I use energy-profile: balanced and have a Intel 82567LM Network Card in the notebook.

I already tried to set energy options in the device manager for the network card like:

Don't allow computer to turn of the network card.


Allow wake-on-lan.

But no config-setting helps. Have you got a hint for me?

Thank you very much!!


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Not really an answer to your question, but if you're logging into *nix boxes, check out the screen command. –  Gereon Jan 22 '13 at 21:04
You can use mosh with PuTTY and/or Cygwin terminal to manage disconnects transparently. –  Steve-o Jan 22 '13 at 21:15

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