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in order to retrieve the contents of a folder I have to use the following url'root' so I thought it should be working by passing an additional parameter

    :api_method => @drive.files.list ,
    :parameters =>{q=> "title='root'" })

But this does not work

An error occurred: {"errors"=>[{"domain"=>"global", "reason"=>"invalid", "message"=>"Invalid Value", "locationType"=>"parameter", "location"=>"q"}], "code"=>400, "message"=>"Invalid Value"}

This is pretty obvious when I see the request uri

My first attempt was to user URI.encode "title='root'" which does not work neither. I really dont know how I could keep the single quotes ?

Best, Philip

p.s.: a link to the mentioned gem

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ok, now I found a working solution, even though it is a very cumbersome one.

search = CGI.escape("q='root'")
u.query = search
u= Addressable::URI.parse ""> u)
client.execute req

I hope this helps someone..

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