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How can I apply the below C# solution to stop the richtextbox from flickering to VB?

private void StopRepaint()
    // Stop redrawing:
    SendMessage(this.Handle, WM_SETREDRAW, 0, IntPtr.Zero);
    // Stop sending of events:
    eventMask = SendMessage(this.Handle, EM_GETEVENTMASK, 0, IntPtr.Zero);

private void StartRepaint()
    // turn on events
    SendMessage(this.Handle, EM_SETEVENTMASK, 0, eventMask);
    // turn on redrawing
    SendMessage(this.Handle, WM_SETREDRAW, 1, IntPtr.Zero);
    // this forces a repaint, which for some reason is necessary in some cases.


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Check out the zillion of online and desktop C# to VB converters on the web. –  U1199880 Jan 22 '13 at 21:03
There are various tools that can do that. This is the one Google lists first: developerfusion.com/tools/convert/csharp-to-vb –  zmbq Jan 22 '13 at 21:05
this post: stackoverflow.com/questions/487661/… seems to answer your question in both C# and VB –  David Hope Jan 22 '13 at 21:09
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1 Answer

Here is what your code converts to

Private Sub StopRepaint()
    ' Stop redrawing:
    SendMessage(Me.Handle, WM_SETREDRAW, 0, IntPtr.Zero)
    ' Stop sending of events:
    eventMask = SendMessage(Me.Handle, EM_GETEVENTMASK, 0, IntPtr.Zero)
End Sub

Private Sub StartRepaint()
    ' turn on events
    SendMessage(Me.Handle, EM_SETEVENTMASK, 0, eventMask)
    ' turn on redrawing
    SendMessage(Me.Handle, WM_SETREDRAW, 1, IntPtr.Zero)
    ' this forces a repaint, which for some reason is necessary in some cases.
End Sub
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