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Is it possible to have lets say, a link where I have it look like

<a href="something/" class="something" data-callback="thisFunction">
<a href="something/" class="something" data-callback="thatFunction">
<a href="something/" class="something" data-callback="anotherFunction">
<a href="something/" class="something" data-callback="">

        var cb = $(this).data('callback');
        if(cb !== undefined && cb !== null && cb !== '')
           //somehow use cb as a means to call another function
           //similar in effect to calling "thatFunction();"
    function thisFunction()
    function thatFunction()
    function anotherFunction()

If it is possible, how would I achieve making it work, and what is the actual reference for that type of call like what is the method called for doing that so in the future if I forget hopefully I'll I remember what the method is called and I can just look that up.

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You can use the following:


Or to be on the safe side:

typeof window[cb] === "function" && window[cb]();
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in your example you can call this callback functions from window object. Something like window[cb]. But this isn't a good practice to assign such kind of global functions. I'd suggest you to wrap your callbacks in some object.

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