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I'm one of several contractors, and one contractor has contrived a scheme that essentially makes copies of amazon s3 images locally on the server (amazon ec2 instance).

This allegedly is done to reduce the cost of accessing s3 images.
This sounds pretty silly to me on the face of it, but I'm not an amazon expert.

It seems to me that we're essentially duplicating everything in s3 and then leaving orphans on ec2 server when s3 images are removed sometime later.

These same s3 images are used in a silverlight application as well as in hundreds of client [php] websites running on the ec2 server. The images are put in S3 by the silverlight application.

I hope I'm explaining this sufficiently well. I'm an experienced LAMP developer but new to all the amazon cloud stuff. It seemed to be that either the s3 images were/are not created properly and/or cloudfront should be used, or... ?

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