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I use git for vcs, and I started working with a group that uses mercurial. Therefore I've been checking out git-remote-hg as a bridge.

However, the hg repos are behind https, with a self-signed certificate. The simplest way to get around this with just hg is to add the "--insecure" option during the clone.

hg clone --insecure hgRepoURL

I cannot see how to add this option for the git clone command

git clone --insecure hg::hgRepoURL

Does not work. Looking for suggestions or other ways to accomplish the same thing.

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The bridge you're using does not pass on any parameters to hg clone. As a temporary workaround you can change this line to self._do("hg", "clone", "--insecure", self.hg_url, hg_repo_dir).

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