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I am developing outlook add-ins for a client which requires some dedicated event types like In Late, Leave Early, PTO, Unavailable for Outlook. Currently they just use Appointment to mark these events in their Outlook but this approach lacks standardization and consistency, and further difficulty to generate proper reports etc. Per requirement, these event type will have following fields:

In Late:
Subject (enforced standard as "In-Late - ")
Starting Time

Leave Early:
Subject (enforced standard "Leave Early - ")
Leaving Time

Subject (enforced standard "PTO - ")
Start Time & End Time (full-day event by default)

Subject (enforced standard "Unavailable - ")
Start Time & End Time

All these custom event types require hiding existing field in Outlook form and create event specific fields. We believe that this will simplify the event logging hassle and help management to generate views without any manual correction.

Though I have some basis understanding of developing Outlook plugin but still not sure how to proceed with the project. Some of the task I have to accomplish:

  1. Set readonly attribute to subject field with per-populated text?
  2. Hide existing fields in the Outlook form.
  3. Add event specific fields to the Outlook form

Any help or pointer in this regard is much appreciated. I researched a bit and surprised to find that there is no such solution or product already exists in the market.


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How about creating custom read and compose form regions to be used with your add-in? – Brad Christie Jan 22 '13 at 21:32
Thanks Brad. Instead of separate read & compose forms, I need one form with couple of fields set as read-only. – Firoz Ansari Jan 22 '13 at 21:35

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