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I have a project that I have been using VSS source control from the VS Pending Checkins tab. This has been working until recently. Now when I make a change to the code, I do not get an entry in the Pending Checkins tab.

I saw this article, but did not see a Go Online option either when right-clicking on the solution or under File -> Source Control. Probably because that person was using TFS rather than VSS.

I tried breaking the source control links and creating a new tree, but it still didn't check out automatically when I made changes. I have been using the Check Out For Edit option, and then checking in, but this gets all classes whether I make changes or not. I use source control in VS because the list makes it simple to determine whether I need to check something in or not.

Does anyone have an idea as to why this may have stopped working with this project. It is still working in other projects. I do have "Check out automatically" selected for On Save and On Edit. Allow checked-in items to be edited is not checked, nor are any of the other options under Source Control -> Environment.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

UPDATE: I just added a new class to the solution, and that class appears under pending checkins. However, I also made several changes to other classes, and none of them are appearing under checkins.

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