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i am not quite sure if this is done by rewriting the url but i did not know how to title it accordingly. Here is my problem. I am currently working on a website project where i am using a abtraction of the MVC Framework (it is mainly for learing the Framework). This is how my folder-structure looks like:






So currently i am using autoloader to load the classes wich are needed. The index.php in the myaccount folder inherits the Framework class wich should handle the class loading:

$urlparts = explode("/", $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
    $urlparts2 = explode("?", $urlparts[2]);
    $class = str_replace(".php", "", $urlparts2[0]);

    if ($class == "") {

        $class = "index";

    $letters_first = substr($class, 0, 1);
    $letters_last = substr($class, 1, strlen($class));

    $class = strtoupper($letters_first).$letters_last."Controller";

    if (class_exists($class)) {

        $object = new $class();

    } else {

        echo "Problem: class $class does not exist.";

The problem i have at the moment is, that i can only use "" wich is loading the indexcontroller.php in the controller folder from myaccount (which is fine). But i want also be able to use "", where then instead "profilecontroller.php" in the controller folder from myaccount should be called.

How can i do this? URL rewriting? Or am i doing it totally wrong? If you need more information please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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This might be a bit overwhelming at first but if you get it, it will make you life a lot easier.

1 ) Take a look at an existing framework like symfony, codeigniter, etc to see how they get the routing done.

2 ) Try to reuse these "components" (like routing form symfony) through composer so you won't have to do it yourself.

This way:

  • You won't have to write it all yourself.
  • You are using the hot stuff, like composer :)
  • You still learn by looking at the implementation of other frameworks

I hope this helps a bit :).

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I will give it a try. Thanks so far. – puelo Jan 23 '13 at 15:17

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