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Is there a way to detect what browser you are using through template toolkit? For example I can achieve what I want to do using jQuery but thought it would be useful to know how to do it in template toolkit if possible?


        if ( (jQuery.browser.msie && jQuery.browser.version < 9.0) )

In template toolkit I want to do something like the below but can't see this in the documentation anywhere?

    [% IF browser.msie && browser.version < 9.0 %]
    [% ELSE %]
    [% END %]
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I'm not aware of a TT plug-in for this, but it's trivial to add a line or two to your back-end application to make the information available to the template. For example, if your app is Catalyst based, you would add something like this to your main program:


... and in your 'auto' handler, introduce a line such as (untested):

$c->stash(browser => $c->req->browser);

... or just use this is your template:

[%- SET browser = c.req.browser;
    SET old_ie = 'class="old-ie"'
        IF browser.windows && browser.ie && browser.public_major < 9.0;

and then include old_ie wherever it's required in your template.

See Catalyst::TraitFor::Request::BrowserDetect and HTTP::BrowserDetect for more info and options. I'm sure there are similar plugins/methods for Dancer, Mojolicious etc.

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You could do that through the HTTP request headers. You didn't mention what was calling TT, but if you're using Catalyst, you could use Catalyst::TraitFor::Request::BrowserDetect, and then pass a variable to TT to say what kind of browser was requesting the page.

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