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I figure this may be an unconventional way of creating a JSON string. But, I really need to just be able to make it right in "Sequel Pro" like this

enter image description here

I want to be able to just edit it right there like that. But when I receive the string on the client end, then try to use as3 JSON.parse function on it, it gets an error..."SyntaxError: Error #1132: Invalid JSON parse input."

 private function storyTextCallBack(r:Object):void

                        //storyText is an 'Object'
                storyText = JSON.parse(r.text);


But this is how my client is actually getting it, and it's what I think is breaking the JSON.parse function.....

 [\n\t{\n\t\ttext: "hello this is some json test stuff",\n\t\tduration: "5000"\n\t},\n\t{\n\t\ttext: "this is the second line in that json object thing",\n\t\tduration: "3000"\n\t},\n\t{\n\t\ttext: "this is the third and final line in that json object thing",\n\t\tduration: "8000"\n\t}\n]

anyone have any ideas how I can fix this?

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The object names in your JSON need to be inside quotes:

"text":"example text"

You can check if you have a valid JSON object with this parser: http://json.parser.online.fr

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wow, can't believe i overlooked that. I got distracted thinking it was adding extra characters and things. Great, easily fixed. Thanks again! – brybam Jan 22 '13 at 23:19

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