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I recently noticed that sometimes our app crashes right after receiving a memory warning. It's very hard to reproduce this problem on device, and even in simulator I get this crash in maybe one of ten attempts to “Simulate Memory Warning”.

What is a good strategy to debug memory warning handlers, considering issues often come from callbacks arriving “too late”, resources accidentally used after being destroyed in warning handler, etc?

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Here's an approach that helped me find several severe bugs in my memory warning handlers.

First, I went to OS X Keyboard settings and assigned a shortcut to Simulate Memory Warning:

enter image description here

Then, when running the app in simulator, I kept these buttons pressed, so the Simulator would generate tens of memory warnings per second. While doing that, I would go around the app. Of course this is rarely what happens in the real world, but this stress-testing helped reveal some synchronization, callback and state issues, which I wouldn't have found otherwise.

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