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I'm trying to write an install shell script in /bin/sh in FreeBSD.

DialogOptions='--trim --ok-label "Next" --backtitle "Workstation Installer"'

dialog $DialogOptions --max-input 4 --cancel-label "Abort" --inputbox "Enter stuff"

The above exits with the error

Error: Unknown option Installer.

I think when I pass the DialogOptions variable to the dialog it interprets the quotation marks differently. I'm at a loss as to why it would.

I've also noticed that the ok label shows "Next" instead of Next.

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To do what you want, you need to use an array, which will keep your quoted arguments un-split:

DialogOptions=(--trim --ok-label "Next" --backtitle "Workstation Installer")
dialog "${DialogOptions[@]}" --max-input 4 --cancel-label "Abort" --inputbox "Enter stuff"

You also need to use a shell that supports arrays: bash/ksh/zsh. Failing that, you have to use eval:

DialogOptions='--trim --ok-label Next --backtitle "Workstation Installer"'
eval "dialog $DialogOptions --max-input 4 --cancel-label Abort --inputbox \"Enter stuff\""

Note that you don't have to quote strings that don't contain any characters in $IFS

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sadly I can't use a different shell so no arrays. Happily your eval solution worked for me. Thanks. – user2001973 Jan 29 '13 at 19:50

As far as the shell is concerned, it should be behaving exactly as you expect:

$ DialogOptions='--trim --ok-label "Next" --backtitle "Workstation Installer"'

At this point, the variable "DialogOptions" contains a single string

$ echo ..$DialogOptions..
..--trim --ok-label "Next" --backtitle "Workstation Installer"..

The echo command sees five arguments: --trim, --ok-label, "Next" --backtitle and "Workstation Installer"

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Incorrect: after the shell has completed it's expansions, including word splitting, echo sees six arguments: ..--trim, -ok-label, Next, --backtitle, "Workstation, and Installer".. – glenn jackman Jan 22 '13 at 23:14

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