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I have checkboxes for days of week like below:

<input type="checkbox" name="day[]" id="monday" value="Monday">
<label for="monday">Monday</label>
<input name="day-detail[]" type="text" />

<input type="checkbox" name="day[]" id="tuesday" value="Tuesday">
<label for="tuesday">Tuesday</label>
<input name="day-detail[]" type="text" />

And so on.

Notice that there is related input text for each day.

I would like to know if is possible for me to print the input text field only if the checkbox is checked. I need to do this several times with many others checkboxes so I tryed with the following function:

function checkboxes($checkbox_field, $default = '') {
    if(isset($_POST[$checkbox_field]) and !empty($_POST[$checkbox_field])) {
        $post_field = $_POST[$checkbox_field];
        if (is_array($post_field)) {
            if(!empty($_POST[$checkbox_field.'-detail'])) {
                return join(', ', $post_field.': '.$_POST[$checkbox_field.'-detail']);
                echo $_POST[$checkbox_field.'-detail'];
            else {
                return join(', ', $post_field);
                echo $_POST[$checkbox_field.'-detail'];
    } else {
        return $default;

echo "The weekly sales are:  ".checkboxes('day');

This is what I'm trying to print:

Monday: value from text input, Tuesday: value from text input"

The checked checkboxes are printed ok but the text inputs are not.

What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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I think what you need is to use an index to the fields. So let's say Tuesday is selected. Then $_POST["day"][1] gives you TRUE (the checkbox), and $_POST["day-detail"][1] gives you the corresponding text (i.e. the 1 is used as an index to both fields).

In practice the index will actually be a variable in a for loop, as I'm imagining you looping over all checkboxes.

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So the PHP structure that I posted won't work at all even with index to the fields? I shall try then for with count for the loop? Thanks! –  LuAmbros Jan 22 '13 at 23:08
To be honest I didn't understand the code you posted completely... it looks like you're making it more complicated than it needs to be. Having had a second glance, though, one thing that you're definitely doing wrong (in 2 places) is that you're doing a return and then an echo... the echo will never get called. –  Gigi Jan 23 '13 at 15:33

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