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I've recently become aware of a free-for-research brain-computer interface system, BCI2000. What I'm interested in is if anyone has worked before on writing or using software that relates in some way to this field of activity, and if you could give me any indications as to where I could find some kind of affordable data acquisition hardware (EEG System or array of electrodes) to use with this kind of software. I'm interested in any kind of alternative or approach to tackle BCI research. I am aware that this might not strictly be a programming question, yet considering the field, I assume that the software and hardware required for such studies might come in a bundle, and an initiative to develop software in the absence of suitable hardware would be to no avail.

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Check out the OpenEEG Project[1] and MyOpen[2] (which is trying to do fill a similar need for myoelectric signals in conjunction with the Open Prosthetics Project[3]).

1: openeeg.sourceforge.net

2: code.google.com/p/myopen

3: openprosthetics.org

Pardon the non-clickable hyperlinks; It's not letting me submit more than one real hyperlink.

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Thank you, the first link is the closest to what I am looking for. –  luvieere Sep 21 '09 at 18:42

Transparentcorp would be one possible source for EEGs.

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