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I just finished the tutorial for IAP in ios 6 by Ray Wenderlich. I got the tutorial from this site. So I was able to build a practice app using the tutorial My problem is now implementing this in my actual app I've built. The tutorial has you make the app with a Master-Detail application template with storyboards. And I created a IAPHelper class then sub-classed that for the practice app. Supposedly I can use the IAPHelper class over and over and sub-class it in my other apps. The thing is I made my app with a single view application template (I did add a second view as well) back in xcode 4.3, I have since upgraded to 5. My app works fine but I'm not sure how to approach creating the view and implementing the IAPHelper class. Do I add another view and and storyboards (but that leaves out the some how tie in the code? But the MasterView is what holds a lot of the code and I don't know what that would be equivalent to in my situation. Or do I add a target and then start it as a Master-Detail template??

Maybe someone has done the tutorial and gets where I'm coming from? Or if you just know that's cool too! I am pretty darn new to this so if you give me an answer please tell me as if I'm a kid (and not a genius prodigy kid!). Thanks for the help!!!!!

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Sounds like you need to learn how view controllers work first. IAP is the same regardless of whether you have one view controller or 30. – jsd Jan 22 '13 at 23:27
Yeah maybe I will have to do that. I have added view controller to my single view app and it works. So i feel like I understand that process, but this seems a little different because a Master-Detail template always makes the MasterView the first view and it uses storyboards. So how would I add or implelent that code into an existing app that doesn't use storyboards. From what you said I'm thinking I just need to add another view controller but that doesn't work like the Master-Detail app, there are other other files created when using that template. Can you elaborate on your statement? – Herbie999 Jan 22 '13 at 23:38
If you want another view controller, you have to get to it somehow. It really depends on your app design what that means. UINavigationController? Or maybe just present a Modal View Controller? Or implement your own custom UIViewController containment... Like I said, depends on your particular app. In any case you need to fully understand the various ways of creating and moving between view controllers before you need to worry about IAP. – jsd Jan 22 '13 at 23:41
Thanks, that's the direction I needed!!!!! – Herbie999 Jan 23 '13 at 1:05

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