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using datamapper, if you want to "either find the first resource matching some given criteria or just create that resource if it can't be found, you can use #first_or_create."

i am using flask-sqlalchemy and am wondering if there is a similar feature.


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there is some things in django named get_or_create you can create somethings like that for sqlalachemy

def get_or_create(session, model, **kwargs):
    instance = session.query(model).filter_by(**kwargs).first()
    if instance:
        return instance
        instance = model(**kwargs)
        return instance

from here: python - Does SQLAlchemy have an equivalent of Django's get_or_create? - Stack Overflow -> Does SQLAlchemy have an equivalent of Django's get_or_create?

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roger that. thanks! –  SeanPlusPlus Jan 23 '13 at 21:25

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